Terms and Conditions

You agree that when you access this website, or use any of the services the site features or offers, that you understand the following terms and conditions, hereinafter referred to as Terms And Conditions, and agree to follow and be bound by them. Make sure that you read and understand these terms completely. If you are not in complete agreement with these terms or do not understand them completely then please refrain from accessing or using this site or any services available on this site.

General Conditions Concerning the Loan Matching Service Offered

The loan matching service features on this website makes a match between participating prospective payday lenders in the direct network, hereinafter referred to as participating lenders, and consumers. At least one online application form must be completed and submitted for you to use the loan matching service, and these forms will require you to disclose specific information and facts. These may include but are not limited to your name, address, social security number, phone number, email address, employment information, bank account information, birth date, and other facts. This information will be collected and used according to the Privacy Policy posted online on this website. You agree that you have read, understand, and agree to the Privacy Policy terms and conditions, incorporated in this agreement by reference, which are separate from these Terms and Conditions.

Upon application submission to this website, the site will share the information you have provided in the application form with at least one of the participating lenders in the network. You certify that you understand and agree that this application submission is intended to be an inquiry concerning a loan product to this website, as well as an inquiry to any and every participating lender that this website shares your application submission or information with concerning your request for a payday or cash advance loan. You also understand and agree that your application submission is considered an express invitation issued to this website, and to every participating lender in the site network who receives your information and loan request, to contact by any means, and this is without limitation. This contact can include but is not limited to direct mail, email, telephone, cell phone, or other communication methods, and is needed so that the site or participating lenders can offer assistance with any transaction, or to provide you with information about any other products that may be of interest to you.

All participating lenders in this website's network who may receive your application will review this information in real time, so that they can make a decision about whether your information meets all of the qualifications and requirements of the lender and loan program. You understand and agree that participating lenders may, at their sole discretion, verify, review, and research any and all information you have provided in any way deemed necessary by the lender, including but not limited to the use of national databases and other consumer tracking tools and applications, social security number verification, and even a credit check.

When your loan application information meets one of the participating lenders requirements, this website will either cause a new page to be opened, with the lender name and the information on how to contact the lender, or will cause a browser redirect which will take you directly to the website of the lender. You agree and certify that you understand that this website is not involved in the loan process in any way once you have received redirection to the lender website, and that any interaction between yourself and the lender website will be governed by the terms and conditions, privacy policy, and other terms and policies in place at the lender website.

This website only provides a loan matching service, and is not a loan originator or lender. The website does not make any decisions concerning the credit or loan decisions relating to the loan matching service, and there are no guarantees concerning loan approval, specific terms or amounts, or the suitability of the loan offered. This website does not imply, state, or guarantee that any loan offer received will include the best possible market rates and terms available.

You understand that there is no endorsement or any recommendation made by this website concerning any specific products or lenders, and that this website is not acting as an agent in any capacity, either for you or for any participating lender. There is no involvement by this website with any review or use of your information by any participating lender, or in any decision making concerning loan approval or denial. You understand and certify that you agree that any services provided by the lender to you do not involve this website, and you agree to hold this website and its operator harmless and not liable in any way for any costs, damages, or claims of any type which may arise from your use of this website's loan matching service. You also certify that you understand and agree that any participating lenders may collect and retain the information submitted on your application, whether you meet the loan qualifications and are offered a loan or not.

Feature Control, Service Access, and Website Function

You agree that any and all of the information, functions, and features of this website loan matching service may be changed at any time at the sole discretion of operator of this website, with no prior notice being required. Operator of this website reserves the right to deny any and all access to the website and the services and features available, without any prior notice being required if it is determined, at the sole discretion of the operator, that you have engaged in any inappropriate conduct or activities, violated the terms and conditions of the site or services in any way, have damaged or harmed the rights of this website or any third parties, or for any other reason that is deemed appropriate by the operator of this website. You agree to hold this website harmless and not responsible or liable in any way for any delay or mistakes in the process of providing services for loan matching when these delays or mistakes are beyond our reasonable control or are caused by the information in the application that you provided.

Limitations and Disclaimers

You understand and expressly certify and agree that this website, and any and all information, services, software, and products associated with this website, are provided to you on an As Is basis, with no warranty of any type or kind, either implied or expressed as to any matter or subject without any limitations whatsoever. This includes but is not limited to any warranties of merchantability, title, fitness for any purpose whatsoever, non infringement, or any other kind of warranty in any way. You understand that there is no warranty at all provided by this website concerning the results that can be obtained through the use of the website, as well as any and all information, services, software, and products associated with this website. You also understand and agree that you are solely responsible for your use of and any risk involved with the website or associated services and products.

You agree and understand that there is no liability at all, of any type or in any way, on the part of this website, or any of the associated advertisers or participating lenders, or any of their service providers, agents, officers, directors, employees, assigns, subsidiaries, successors, content providers, or affiliates. This lack of liability includes but is not limited to any direct or indirect damages, incidental or consequential damages, punitive damages, special damages, or any other injury or damage type that may arise out of the use of the website or in any way connected to this activity, as well as the services offered by this website or due to any delay or inability to access or use the website or any associated products and services, and also for any services, information, products, or software that you may have obtained through this website, or that arises out of the website use in any other way. This lack of liability does not depend on whether the damage, claim, or injury resulted in part or in whole, from any negligence, breach of contract, tortious liability, strict liability, or any other cause. This lack of liability is still in effect even if this website or any of the participating lenders have received any notification or advice that there is a possibility of any damages occurring. This liability limitation and implied warranties disclaimer may not be valid in your state of residence, and if this is the situation in your case then the respective liability on the part of this website, and any of the associated advertisers and participating lenders, and any of their service providers, agents, officers, directors, employees, assigns, subsidiaries, successors, content providers, and affiliates will be limited to the largest extent that the law does allow.


You agree that as a condition for access to and the use of this site and any associated services and products that you indemnify and hold completely harmless and not liable this website, as well as any and all participating lenders, against and from any and all claims, liabilities, damages, expenses including legal fees, or any other type of liability which arises from your website access or use. This includes but is not limited to any claims which allege facts that if these are true and accurate would constitute your breach of these website Terms and Conditions.

Third Party Links

This website may contain third party links, which are links that are connected to a web site operated by a third party, such as a participating lender or other type of separate entity. These third party links are provided for reference and convenience features only, and you understand and agree that this website is not the operator of these third party sites. This website does not have any control over the products and services, information, software, or content that is made available on any third party site in any respect. The inclusion of a third party link to an outside website on this website should not be viewed as any endorsement or recommendation for the third party site or anything featured or offered. This website in no way endorses any of the third party web site services, products, sponsors, or content offered, and a link provided on this website should not be taken as an endorsement.

Dispute Resolution

You agree that any claim or controversy that arises from or relates to the use of this website, or to the services or products provided on the website, or to any omission, action, or failure to act that you contend or claim creates liability on the part of this website or any associated entities, which includes but is not limited to any claim concerning arbitrability, will be exclusively and definitively settled with the use of binding arbitration, and this arbitration will be in accordance with the American Arbitration Association commercial arbitration rules which are effective at the time that the arbitration takes place. The location of the arbitration proceedings will be Los Angeles, California, and any arbitration award judgment can be entered into any Los Angeles, California court of competent jurisdiction. The arbitrator will not have the authority to award any damages which exceed the compensatory damages actual amount, or the authority to multiply any of the actual damages claimed. In addition the arbitrator is prohibited from awarding any exemplary, consequential, or punitive damages and both parties to this agreement irrevocably waive their right to any claim involving these prohibited damages. This arbitration agreement should not be considered as any type of agreement to arbitration consolidation or joinder of any arbitration under the terms of this agreement with any arbitration of any claims or disputes of any entity who is not a party to this agreement, without regard of the cause and nature of any issues of the disputes involved in arbitration.

If the arbitration provisions contained herein are unenforceable or do not apply for any reason, or in the event of any lawsuit that arises between you and this website, you agree and authorize that any venue and jurisdiction for any legal suit or action will exclusively be in Los Angeles County California, and only with the state and federal courts physically in this location. You agree that any cause of action or claim that arises from or is related to the use of the website, or any associated products and services, must be filed within a one year time period that begins when the cause of action or claim occurred, regardless of any law or statute which may be to the contrary of this time limit. If the claim or cause of action is not filed within the one year time period then it will be forever barred from being filed.

The terms of this agreement provide that any and all disputes which occur between this website and yourself will be resolved by using binding arbitration. This means that you agree to give up your right to appear in court in front of a judge or jury to defend or assert your rights in any dispute, and you also acknowledge that you give up the right to be a participant in or bring about any class action claims or lawsuits. Instead of a judge or jury determining what rights you have this will be decided by a neutral third party arbitrator. You agree that you consent to the restrictions of your rights outlined in this agreement by the access to this website.

Additional Terms and Conditions

You understand and agree that when you provide your cell phone number it is to receive promotions from this website and any associates and partners, and that these promotions will be sent to your cell phone. This website does not charge any fee for participating in this program, but the wireless carrier that you have may charge fees for data and message rates, depending on your carrier, plan, and other factors. It is advisable to check with the carrier that you use to find out if there are any applicable data or text message fees charged. You understand and agree that this website will not be responsible in any way or under any circumstances for any fees that you are charged by any third party, including your cell or wireless service provider, for the use of the cell and mobile alerts, services, and programs offered by this website or any associated third parties.

The entire agreement between yourself and this website is outlined in these Terms and Conditions. The laws in the State of California will govern all of the terms in this agreement, without any regard to the provisions concerning conflict of law. If one or more of the terms and conditions set forth in this agreement are deemed to be inapplicable or unenforceable in any way pursuant to applicable law then the terms or provisions which are determined to be unenforceable and invalid will be superseded, and replaced with the provision that is valid and enforceable that matches the original intent of the invalid provision as close as possible. All of the other terms and conditions will remain in effect, and will not be affected by the provisions or terms to be deemed invalid. The failure of this website to enforce any provision in these Terms and Conditions, or to exercise any right outlined in this agreement, shall in no way be deemed as a waiver of this right, or the ability to enforce any of the terms and provisions contained herein.